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Dr. Vladislav Kurtev - Der Experte für die sichere Zulassung und Anwendung von Arzneimitteln für Tier und Mensch.
Dr. Vladislav Kurtev

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Dr. Vladislav Kurtev 
Regulatory Services

Dr. Vladislav Kurtev - The expert for the safe approval and use of medicines for animals and humans

Because expert knowledge matters.

Marketing authorisations for medicinal products are subject to strict regulatory requirements, ultimately aimed at ensuring their quality, safety and efficacy in animals and humans.

Dr. Vladislav Kurtev is your expert for questions related to marketing authorisation, drug safety and medical writing. As a reliable, accurate and prudent partner for the operational lifecycle-management of your medicinal product, he provides the support you need to successfully manage your product. Strong analytical skills and a structured approach are the basis for efficient handling of the relevant processes.

Dr. Vladislav Kurtev Arzneimittelzulassung

I stand for the safe authorisation and use of medicines for animals and humans.


Safe medicines for animals and humans

The product life cycle of pharmaceuticals is characterized by extensive measures that serve one purpose in particular: optimum safety of the drugs when used in patients.


Dr. Vladislav Kurtev

"Moving ahead. Always in search of efficiency and perfection. As in rowing, the right moves are also important in the management of pharmaceuticals."


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You can find my previous publications in my Science Channel.

This is what my partners say

DI Hannes Sachsenhofer

General Manager


„We highly value Dr. Kurtev’s work. His expertise and experience are invaluable for the development of our pharmacovigilance software. Open communication style, pragmatic and solution-oriented approach – we couldn’t hope for a better cooperation.“

Dr. Bernd Follrich

Business Unit Manager

Richter Pharma Development

„Broad expert knowledge, thinking in solutions, adherence to schedules, interpersonal skills and enthusiasm for completion are what Dr. Kurtev has on offer and what constitutes the basis of our cooperation. Creative and pragmatic solutions are translated into concrete structures and generate possibilities which have often been of high value for us. As customers we feel that we are optimally serviced and are in the best hands.”